Renewable Natural Gas Lead – Americas

at GHD
Location Houston, Texas
Date Posted July 13, 2022
Category Mining / Oil / Gas
Job Type Not Specified


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Role Purpose:

The Renewable Natural Gas National Lead will be responsible for the growth and delivery of RNG strategies to foster expansion of GHDs current service offerings primarily in North America but with interface into the global business. The focus will be on several key areas: Strategic planning and roadmaps, development of commercial models around aggregated project opportunities developed in conjunction with GHD Digital and Advisory, and interface with the equity and development community that seeks to place capital in the RNG space. This role will further explore and establish non-traditional models for GHD involvement in these project portfolios and suites, extending GHD's interests beyond the traditional consulting business model where appropriate.



  • Interface closely with four main stakeholder groups in GHD:
  • GHD Digital, where this group will develop geospatial tools to identify renewable natural gas opportunities throughout North America, based on data-driven processes, tying in existing GHD knowledge across the agricultural, landfill, food waste AD and wastewater sectors
  • GHD Advisory, where this group will help in the development of commercial models to package project portfolios under the direction of the Lead
  • The Waste Management group, which houses significant technical expertise in RNG and AD technical performance metrics, capital and operating costs, vendor data, and project sheets on developed projects
  • The Future Energy team across North America, with tight interface into the global team. Maintain a seat on the Global Steering Committee for Future Energy
  • Help define commercial models around projects that the above team can bring forward, including portfolios of projects. This includes collaboratively defining, with the above stakeholder group, project boundaries, offtakes for RNG, feedstocks, digestate management where applicable, interconnection cost, etc.
  • Work with the GHD stakeholders to go to market with commercial offerings around project portfolios, working with existing and new GHD clients in a variety of spaces, including oil and gas, equity/financing communities, and manufacturing/industrial clients. The intent is to bring projects to market and work with institutions to finance these suites, thereby establishing GHD in a prime position to determine its involvement in these projects such that returns, potentially through alternative commercial models beyond conventional consulting, are maximized. This may include GHD investing in projects
  • Build effective relationships with the financing community and isolate best-in-class partners for project development
  • Interface generally with delivery teams to develop and define metrics over time that can refine business cases into the future, on the basis of real performance data
  • Interlace innovative approaches into business cases, working with technical teams to isolate approaches such as inclusion of hydrogen into the RNG picture. Generally helping to develop models that will accommodate the hydrogen economy as it develops.
  • Promotes and collaborates in the development of innovative project delivery methods and champions this across GHD
  • Sits on the Global Steering Committee for Future Energy, interfacing with global commercial and technical experts responsible for overseeing business interests in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North and South America, with a view towards new regional markets for GHD


  • Collaborates with Global, North American and Regional Market Leaders, Client Resource Managers, Service Line Leaders, and Client Sector Leaders to achieve excellent business outcomes. Collaborate with the key stakeholder teams as noted above.
  • Develops and mentors senior leadership and/or rising talent within the business
  • Works with project directors, managers, and teams to establish and improve Business Group job delivery skills. Interfaces with senior management to explain the value of alternative commercial models and how they transform GHD business
  • Attracts strategic hires to develop the business


  • Helps to bundle RNG project opportunities across North America, and identifies financial partners to execute
  • Interfaces with financiers and developers interested in the RNG space, in close collaboration with the technical teams
  • Performance measured on ability to bundle and commercialize suites of RNG projects to the financial/developer community, and to create value for the GHD business through engaged projects that deliver additional work in Digital, Advisory and core services including stakeholder engagement, due diligence, environmental and municipal permitting, and the Engineering Design Organization
  • Drives positive client interaction, including development of additional relationships for GHD with key stakeholder groups in the oil and gas, developer and financial sectors

Experience and Skills:

  • Education requirement - Financial Management degree or equivalent, MBA or equipment preferred.
  • Required years of experience - Minimum of 5 years' experience specifically in the renewable natural gas field, working on strategy development and transaction development
  • Required technical skills - Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience with the renewable natural gas markets in North America, across different project types and offtake markets
  • Other skills - Excellent written and oral communication skills; proven ability to develop and mentor

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Working with the team, initiate five possible renewable natural gas transactions in the first year; bring two transactions to market. Conclude two transactions minimum in the second year
  • Contribute to one global RNG transaction in first year
  • Identify by end of first year, a parallel model for the hydrogen market

GHD Leadership Competencies:

Leading Others - Provides clear direction for project scope and key deliverables and celebrates success. Shares expertise and encourages others to exchange specialist knowledge. Effectively resources and retains a diverse high quality team. Actively coaches others and addresses poor performance.

Strategic Focus - Views issues through a wide angle lens and understands GHD's strategic objectives. Clearly links the team's objectives to the OC business plan. Demonstrates a broad understanding of external influences on the business.

Effective Decision Making - Obtains key project information and critically evaluates. Prepared to make a well-considered decision, without always having the full picture. Develops robust technical and business solutions and guides others to form credible options.

Business Acumen - Thinks like a GHD business owner mindful of costs and managing risks. Grows and utilizes knowledge of the GHD sectors. Recognizes external factors that may impact GHD and manages risks. Stay current and identifies business opportunities.

Adapting - Accepts and works with change even if not in full agreement. Shifts tasks and project assignments as the situation changes. Models and ability to cope in difficult and stressful situations. Copes well with ambiguity and coaches others to manage effectively.

Delivering Results - Develops comprehensive project plans and utilizes resources effectively. Provides relevant support to meet project deliverables. Anticipates and addresses potential problems and communicates with clients and GHD people. Role models the appropriate use of GHD systems, tools and procedures.

Working with People - Initiates regular contact with clients and other key partners. Displays sound interpersonal skills in all interactions. Develops strong internal and external networks. Coaches GHD People to work in a respectful and tolerant way, leading by example.

Influencing - Secures commitment from clients and partners, effectively overcoming any resistance. Promotes and advances ideas to achieve the right solution.

Self-Development - Asks for feedback from GHD people, accepting comments non-defensively. Shows clear insight into strengths and addresses area to develop. Aware of signals that indicate potential stress for self and other and takes steps to mitigate. Creates development plan that supports the achievement of challenging goals.

Personal Courage - Acts with conviction to move a situation forward. Holds self and other accountable for actions taken. Promptly addresses inappropriate behavior. Prepared to make decisions that may be unpopular.

As a multicultural organization, we encourage individual achievement and recognize the strength of a diverse workforce. GHD is an equal opportunity employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, marital status or veteran status.


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